Open tuned chords

Just a quick clarification.  I am not referring to open tunings, in the sense of playing a song in a guitar tuned to open-G, open-D, DADGAD etc.  I am talking about tuning a guitar to an explicit open tuned chord and playing it, if that makes sense.  Let me explain.

A bit of context.  I remember reading an interview with producer Mutt Lange.  He was talking about some recording techniques, and mentioned recording a song where each chord was played on a guitar tuned to that chord.  So, a sequence of chords, say Am – G – F – D7, would be played with the guitar only playing the chord in the sequence for which it was tuned.  Awkward, but intriguing.

His thinking was that open strings sound differently from fretted strings, which is definitely true, and easy to validate.  Playing a song with a lot of quick changes would be a challenge to get it all right, but a portion of a song in which each chord lasts a couple beats over a medium tempo would be easy to do.

So, I decided to give it a try.  I tuned a strat to Am, and capoed on the second fret to give me a Bm (so not totally open, but I didn’t want to tune up to a Bm).  Here is the chord with a bit of vibrato:

And the chord in context, in my song A Delicate Balance:

I like the sound, and intend to use it again.

And for completeness on the topic of open tunings, I really like playing in them.  I regularly play in open-G, open-D, DADGAD, drop-D and double-drop-D.  Definitely something you should try.