Removing Incidental Noise

Incidental noise on a track is always a problem.  In a recent recording session, my acoustic guitarist shifted a couple times on a creaky chair at a particularly inopportune time — right at the end of a track on the final chord.  Here is what it sounded like:

Removing the offending noises using time-based edits (i.e. cutting the piece out, muting the section, or using parametric EQ) to remove or diminish the sound would result in an audible glitch.

Using Sony SpectraLayers, I was able to isolate the sound and remove it without affecting the rest of the track.

Here is a screen capture of the creaks:


And closer detail:


By selecting the offending bits, copying them to a new layer, and reversing the phase of the layer, the sounds are cancelled out of the resulting audio:


Here is the before and after audio:

Friggin’ amazing!

p.s., per request, here is a link to the original wav file, prior to the “fix.