This blog is written by Terry Atkinson, an independent, self-recording artist based in Ottawa, Ontario.   I publish my music under the band name Xybor and the Cosmonauts.  Music and audio are my passions.

The music I like is diverse — rock, jazz, fusion, blues, bluegrass and pop.  But my musical center tends to lie with progressive and psychedelic rock, ala Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bowie.

Being a self-recording artist, I have to do everything.  I write the song, play the instruments, engineer and produce it, package and promote it.  And, of course, I am continuously honing my production and engineering skills.

Ergo, the purpose of this blog — to convey what I am thinking and exploring, and to share with like-minded individuals and artists.  And perhaps even get some collaborations going.

Enjoy the blog.  Talk to me.

What a long, strange trip its been …

Full-spectrum ears, great gear & a passion for audio