Audio Alchemy is a chronicle of my ongoing adventures in music and audio engineering. Bits and bytes that I find interesting and amusing. Some technical, some anecdotal.


I am a multi-instrumental musician, songwriter and multimedia artist. I self-release music under the nom de plume of Xybor & the Cosmonauts.

I am into all types of multimedia, especially audio. I have been recording for decades, and still am amazed at how much there is to know … which is to say how much I don’t know. But, I am getting better at it.


I spend nearly all my time doing multimedia for fun and profit. I continuously come across interesting things, or explore recording techniques that I want to document. This is my bucket. Why not?

The sad part is that I have had this blog for about 7 years. However, last year I upgraded my hosting service. In the shuffle, all the blog contents were lost. Yeah, yeah, the internet is forever. Nothing is lost. Well, not according to my service provider.

So, after feeling sad for the last year, and being unable to deal with it, I finally set it up again and will, henceforth, add to it.

So, I’m marking December 17, 2020 as The Beginning.